On May 19 – 2016, JPC members enjoyed a special tour to the Museum for Islamic Art led by Dr. Marta Sylvestrova, curator from the Moravian Gallery in the Czech Republic and the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem. On the same day, the Museum inaugurated a unique exhibition displaying, for the first time in Israel, a selection of posters from Iran created by the finest poster designers currently working in and outside of Tehran.
More than 50 posters are shown in the exhibition, reflecting break-through calligraphic and original contemporary typographic artwork.Напыляемый пенополиуретан экотермикс: в поисках оптимального решения

The posters’ subject matter, stemming from the lively Iranian graphic design scene, includes publicity for book fairs, for local and international design competitions and for film, culture and art festivals.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Commercial posters are displayed alongside posters of a private nature bearing personal expression with philosophical and political characteristics.
The artists represented in the exhibition include award-winning Iranian designers in worldwide poster biennales.