Ambassador Yoram Ettinger spoke  at the Jerusalem Press Club about the Impact of the US Presidential elections on the US-Israel relations. Amb. Ettinger challenged the conventional wisdom that when it comes to foreign affairs, the US President is omnipotent, and reminded that Congress and the American constituency have at least the same power as the President. He pointed to the public opinion polls which have over the last decades indicated an unwavering support of Israel by 70 percent of the Americans as a proof that even if a President is opposed to Israel, there is so much he (or she?) can do.

Ambassador Ettinger – who did his graduate studies at UCLA and undergraduate at UTEP – served as Minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel’s Embassy in Washington (with the rank of ambassador),  as Israel’s Consul General in Houston and as Director of Israel’s Government Press Office. He is the editor of Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom and Boardroom, newsletters on issues of national security and overseas investments in Israel’s high-tech.