Founded in June 2013, JPC has already established itself as the main hub for the foreign journalists based in Israel and those visiting it. With over 300 members, JPC has cutting-edge communications facilities, professional staff, cozy lounge, VIP room, a radio and television studio, a prime location for live TV broadcasts with a breathtaking view of the Walls of the Old City, and a chef restaurant. Being a member of the International Association of Press Clubs and the European Federation of Press Clubs, members of JPC can enjoy all the benefits of any press club in the world, for free.

While dealing with the tough Israeli issues, like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the social, ethnic and religious rifts, JPC is highlighting the other faces of Israel, often obscured by the focus on the conflict: its human energy, its artistic and cultural creativity, its technological beat and, of course, its vibrant democracy.

JPC is an initiative of the Jerusalem Foundation, and as such, it is entirely non-partisan, it has no political or ideological agenda whatsoever. JPC doesn’t get any financial support from the Israeli government.

By supporting JPC you will help in presenting a more balanced and rich image of Israel in world media.

Supporting JPC

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