Special Tour at The Museum for Islamic Art

Special Tour at The Museum for Islamic Art

On April 13 – 2015, members of JPC visited the Museum for Islamic Arts, and with the guidance of the Museum’s director, Nadim Shiban, toured the museum’s permanent collections, including the world-renowned Sir David Salomons Watches & Clock collection. One of the highlights of the tour was Seasonal exhibition, “Threatened beauty” by Andi LaVine Arnovitz.


The artist spoke about the exhibition:

“The artistic legacy of the Islamic world is breathtakingly seductive. I have long admired and been obsessed by the rugs, textiles, embroideries and ceramics of the Middle East. Living in Israel, with the Arab souk of the Old City within walking distance to my studio, I have, over the years, been able to see and study these treasures: these decorative arts have long served as both inspiration and a starting place for many of my artistic endeavors. One day, while sitting in my studio and going through my collection of old Hali magazines and other books on Persian and Islamic art, I had a strange thought; What would happen if I deconstructed this legacy– these works of art –and then created new statements that reflected the current events of the world today? What if these Persian, Anatolian and Uzbek textiles, rugs and ceramics were manipulated to reflect the political turmoil and the nuclear arms race we are witnessing today?”


About  Jerusalem’s L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art:

Visitors to the Museum for Islamic Art are privileged to view one of the foremost collections of Islamic art and Antique Watches & Clocks. The L.A. Mayer Museum was founded by the late Mrs. Vera Bryce Salomons, realizing her long-standing idea of giving expression to the impressive artistic achievements of Israel’s Muslim neighbors. Mrs. Salomons dedicated the Museum to her friend and teacher, Prof. Leo Arie Mayer. Many scholars of international renown took part in the establishment of the Museum, attracted to both its research activities and to the challenge of bridging the gap between the two cultures. The Museum was opened to the public in 1974.

The visitor at the new Introduction to Islam hall, enjoys a spectacular experience of the story of Islam, as ancient exhibits come to life via innovative video, lighting, and design.
The hall displays the various aspects of Islamic art, divided into sections: the first focuses on religious Islamic art, and the second focuses on Islam’s contribution to human knowledge in science, astronomy, medicine, and more. Together, the Islamic arts are displayed in a capturing and enrapturing way.
In the course of the tour, the audience reaches one of the museum’s highlights – “The Harari Hoard” – a unique collection of precious, rare, and spectacular silver vessels from the 11th -12th centuries.

The world-renowned Sir David Salomons Watches & Clock collection contains more than 180 watches and clocks. This important, beautiful and rare collection came into being thanks to Sir David’s knowledge of horology and to his prosperity. The collection’s most significant and special timepieces are the ground-breaking group of clocks by Abraham Louis Breguet (1747-1823). The inventor of some of the greatest technological innovations in modern watch-making, Breguet was among the most influential individuals in modern horology.

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