“A New Good Fence?” Israel to Allow Amalia.org to Carry Supplies into Syria with ​Moti Kahana, Director of Amalia

“A New Good Fence?” Israel to Allow Amalia.org to Carry Supplies into Syria with ​Moti Kahana, Director of Amalia

Moti Kahana, an Israeli-American businessman, spoke at the Jerusalem Press Club about Amaliah, an NGO he had founded with the purpose of assisting the people of Syria with humanitarian aid. Kahana was joined by Yuval Rabin, son of the slain Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who said he felt this humanitarian initiative blends into his engagement with regional efforts to promote peace.

Moti Kahana, through his organization Amaliah, is collecting medical equipment urgently needed to construct a field hospital so that Syrians can be treated without having to leave their country.

Kahana explained that Amaliah wants Syrian civilians to regain autonomy over their own lives, by assisting with the transfer of medical supplies, food aid, and educational materials. For the last five years, no schools have been functioning in this region. Kahana urges you as good neighbors, as well as the international community, to donate supplies to locations within Israel that will be posted on Amaliah’s website. We also welcome any organizations who wish to collaborate with us in any capacity.

Ultimately, Amaliah’s goal is to create a haven to rebuild Syrian civil society, stabilize the border with Israel, and pave the way for friendly and supportive relations with Syria’s neighbors.


About the speaker:
Moti Kahana was born in Jerusalem in 1968. Moti Kahana is an American-Israeli businessman and philanthropist who has donated considerable money and time providing support for the Syrian opposition and relief for Syrian civilians. He became well-known for rescuing the last Jewish family from Aleppo, and recovering ancient Jewish artifacts, including Torah scrolls, in danger of destruction from synagogues in Syria.
Moti, as the founder of the organization Amaliah.org has for the last two years been working in tandem with Syrian civilians to bring humanitarian supplies and services into the “Safe Zone,” a designated territory in Southern Syria on the border with Israel.

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