Daily Webinars: “Israel Alive & Kicking”
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Dear Friends,
In fighting enemies, terror and now the Coronavirus, Israel has always had to act in its own way. The “Startup Nation”, that has enriched the world with so many innovations, is now mobilized to defeat the elusive virus. This is a fierce battle, where harsh measures must be taken to contain and curb the pandemic. Millions are quarantined in their homes, the economy is struggling, and walking the thin line between civil rights and the protection of Public Health is becoming controversial. As if that were not enough, Israel is also in the midst of a political quagmire, which makes things even more challenging. Yet the overall spirit is typically Israeli with our “can-do” attitude.

In the midst of this crisis, JPC, the Jerusalem Press Club, is rising to the occasion. Being the trusted address for press, JPC has been giving the journalists covering Israel access to the Israeli decision makers, doctors and scientists standing on the front line fighting the Coronavirus, as well as analysts and the people on the streets (or rather in their homes!) who can share their reflections on their experience of this unprecedented and momentous time.

Please find all the webinars in the JPC’s YouTube Channel

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