About The Jerusalem Press Club

The Jerusalem Press Club (JPC) is a private club which offers foreign correspondents everything they need: Access to Israeli decision-makers and experts, great content, top professional facilities, friendly staff, amicable social atmosphere and great cuisine at its Touro Restaurant – all in the most beautiful location in Jerusalem, Mishkenot Sha’ananim.  

The JPC was founded in order to be the go-to place for the foreign press based in Israel and for visiting journalists. The JPC aspires to present the array of issues, speakers, voices and places that Israel has to offer. While JPC functions as the main centre for journalists based in Israel, it also hosts missions of visiting journalists who cover areas where Israel has excelled: Film, hi-tech, science, music, literature and more. Thinking about the next generation of journalists, JPC offers a variety of programs to graduate journalism schools. A strong champion of press freedom, JPC has initiated the bi-annual International Conference on the Freedom of the Press, and through its Cartoon-Criticism-Care competition, it has been encouraging youth to express themselves artistically on current issues.  

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