Raya Koval-Umansky

Raya Koval-Umansky

Project Manager and Press Liaison

Raya Koval-Umansky is a Project Manager and Press Liaison at The Jerusalem Press Club. Raya is in charge of JPC`s events, briefings, guided tours, book launches and other activities for the foreign press corps based in Israel and direct contact with them.

In paralel, she is in charge of managing the membership at JPC, totaling in 2017 more than 500 members. In addition, Raya directs the internship program at JPC.

Raya emigrated to Israel from Russia in 2006, she is  graduate of the  Department of Economics and Management at Engecon (University of Engineering and Economy, St. Petersburg), and the Departments of Sociology and Political Science at the Hebrew University, where she also obtained a Masters degree in Management of Non-Profit Organizations.


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