Round Tables KAS

Round Tables KAS

On June 6, 2018, we were pleased to host a round tables event discussing the role of media in shaping Jewish-Arab relations in Israel, led by KAS – the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The event opened with a special Iftar dinner, breaking the Ramadan fast, served by our Touro Restaurant.

The event was moderated by Iman al-Qassem, journalist, editor, and broadcaster at Kol Israel in Arabic and Dr. Ronni Shaked, from The Harry S. Truman Institute, a correspondent on Arab Affairs for Yedioth Aharonot.

The participants included journalists, researchers and media experts. The discussion touched questions such as:

  • What images do media outlets in different languages create of the “other side”?
  • How is the image of the Arab citizen portrayed in Hebrew media? Alternatively, how are state institutions and the Jewish majority portrayed in the Arabic-language media?
  • Does the proliferation of media, especially social networks, contribute to deepening the rift between Jews and Arabs or could it contribute to softening differences and improving mutual understanding?
  • Compared to the past, do the media and social networks now serve as a channel for ‘letting off steam’ and a substitute for protest activities on the ground, or do they actually serve as a channel of mobilization and a catalyst for more active protest?
  • In situations of conflict, is it the role of media professionals to just present reality to the target audiences or consciously aspire to change public opinion?

Round Tables KAS (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung)

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