The Deal with Iran: Perspective of a Former Head of the Mossad with Efraim Halevy

The Deal with Iran: Perspective of a Former Head of the Mossad with Efraim Halevy

On April 21 – 2015, Efraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad and former National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, spoke with members of JPC about the impending deal with Iran. Halevy stated that “Israel shouldn’t agree to a nuclear Iran”, but said that the way to do it is by focusing on the effective implementation of the deal rather than trying to scuttle it.



EfraimHalevy@JPCEfraim Halevy, former Head of the Mossad (1998-2002) and National Security advisor to the Prime Minister of Israel (2002-2003), Ambassador to the European Union (1996-1998) Mossad Station Chief in Washington D.C. (1970-1974) .Head of the Shasha Center for Strategic Studies at the Hebrew University ( 2003-2011). Chairman of the Shazar State Center for the History of the Jewish People (2008-).
Halevy served for close to forty years in the Mossad during which he was deputy head for five years and, headed two operational divisions for five years each. He maintained the secret direct link between King Hussein and five Israeli Prime Ministers (Shamir, Rabin,Netanyahu, Barak and Sharon) and led the secret channel peace negotiations that produced the Israel-Jordan peace agreement. He commanded the secret rescue operations of Ethiopian Jews in Sudan in 1980-1985 that brought thousands of immigrants to Israel.
As Israel Ambassador to the EU he led the effort to secure a massive majority vote in the European Parliament for Israel’s entry into the Science and Technology five year development programs of the EU which have brought hundreds of millions of Euros of EU funds to Israel in joint projects over the last sixteen years.
Halevy publishes regularly in Yedioth Acharonot and has also published signed articles in The Economist , New York Times London Times , the Financial Times the New Republic Foreign Affairs and other periodicals.
He has been decorated by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , the CIA and the Hebrew University and Bar Ilan University (an honorary doctorate).

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