The Peace Talks: A Palestinian Perspective with Ziad Abuzayyad

The Peace Talks: A Palestinian Perspective with Ziad Abuzayyad

On Monday, December 23rd, Ziad Abuzayyad,the publisher and co-Editor of the quarterly Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture, and a weekly regular columnist of the Jerusalem Arabic daily Al-Quds Newspaper, spoke to Press Club members leading up to the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

About Ziad Abuzayyad:

Ziad AbuZayyad ImageAbuzayyad is a former Minister of State for Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian National Authority (9/8/1998-13/6/2002), and Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), Chairman of the Law and Constitution Committee in the PLC (2003 – 2006).

AbuZayyad was the head of the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East Multilateral peace talks, the Arms Control and Regional Security Arrangements Working Group (ACRS).

AbuZayyad is a former negotiator, member of the strategic committee of the Palestinian negotiating team in Washington DC., following the 1991 Madrid peace conference, and member of the post-Oslo negotiating team in Taba and Cairo that concluded the 1994 Israeli-Palestinian Agreement “The Cairo Agreement” that led to the establishment of the Palestinian Authority.

He joined the Palestinian team led by Faisal al-Husseini to negotiate with US Secretary of State James Baker the arrangements for Madrid Peace Conference which was held in 1991.

AbuZayyad is an Attorney at Law, graduate of Damascus University 1965.

He was born in Jerusalem in April 1940; he is a resident of Eizariah (Bethany), suburb of East Jerusalem.


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