In Fighting COVID-19


In fighting Covid-19 Israel has been among
the countries which have managed the crisis well.

Israeli scientists – always in quest for global solutions
– have been working to find a cure and a vaccine.

The Jerusalem Press Club is proud
of having shared this with the world media.


In the midst of this crisis the Jerusalem Press Club is giving the journalists covering Israel access to the Israeli decision makers, doctors and scientists standing on the front line fighting the Coronavirus, as well as analysts and the people on the streets (or rather in their homes!) who can share their reflections on their experience of this unprecedented and momentous time.

While we understand that each and every one of us must look inward while we face the challenge of the Coronavirus in our own homes, we at the Jerusalem Press Club are determined to continue looking outward and sustain interest in Israel, sharing the particular way that Israelis deal with crisis. ​
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How Israel Is Fighting Coronavirus
Prof. Arnon Afek | Director of Sheba General Hospital
Israeli Politics During Coronavirus
Daphna Liel | Senior journalist, Channel 12 News
Israeli Ulthra-Orthodox Community Under Coronavirus
Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer | Founding editor-in-chief of Tzarich Iyun
The Israeli Police Braces for Enforcing Strict Regulations
Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld | The Israel Police National Spokesman
Israeli Arabs Battling Coronavirus
Mohammad Darawshe | Researcher & Political Analyst, Givat Haviva Center
The Democratic/Constitutional Crisis In Israel
Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer | Senior Fellow, the Israel Democracy Institute and Legal Commentator, Ha'aretz
The Current Political Events In Israel
Tal Shalev | Political Commentator at Walla News
Gaza Under Coronavirus
Brig General (res) Nitzan Nuriel | The former head of counter terrorism office at the prime minister office
Sharing Medical Knowledge with Palestinian Doctors
Prof. Elhanan Bar-On | MD, MPH, Director of The Israel Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Response at Sheba Hospital
Coronavirus Breakdown From a Haredi Journalist's Perspective
Tzipi Yarom | Ultra-Orthodox Journalist
How to Seriously Manage the Crisis
Gen. Giora Eiland | IDF (Ret.), Former Head of the National Security Council
Israeli and Palestinian Cooperation in Times of Corona
Eitan Dangot | The former commander of COGAT
Development of a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine
Uri Ben Herzl | VP of Business Management of the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute
Opposing Joining the Government
Merav Michaeli | MK, Labor Party
Reconciling Work with Quarantine - A New Model of Coping with Coronavirus
Prof. Uri Alon | Weizmann Institute
On INSS's Exit Strategy
Gen. Amos Yadlin | President of INSS
The People on the Forefront: MDA Paramedics
Dr. Shafir Botner | Director of Paramedic Education Center
A Different Kind of War
Lt. Col. Jonathan Cornicus | Head of International Media Branch at the IDF Spokesperson Unit
The Collateral Damage of Coronavirus: Neglect of Regular Patients
Prof. Amnon Lahad | Chairman of the National Council of Public Health
On Coronavirus, Politics and More
Ehud Barak | Former Prime Minister
The Plight of Jewish Communities Worldwide Under the Coronavirus
Yitzhak Herzog | Chairman of the Jewish Agency
"Time for a Socio-Economic Change"
Guy Rolnik | Founder of TheMarker
Inside The Knesset's Committee on Coronavirus
Ofer Shelach | MK, Yesh Atid, Chairman of the Knesset Committee on Coronavirus
On the Current Dramatic Political Events
Tzachi Hanegbi | Minister of Regional Cooperation
The Political Quagmire
Attila Somfalvi | Senior Political Commentator at Ynet
The Challenges of Quarantine in the Jerusalem Neighborhoods
Fleur Hassan-Nahum | Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem
The Israeli Politics: A Guide to the Perplexed
Prof. Gideon Rahat | Prof. of Political Science, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Monitoring Covid-19 Patients: Between Public Health and Privacy
Dr. Tehila Schwartz Altshuler | Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute and Head of the institute's Media Reform Program and Democracy.
The Management of the Crisis: A Critical View
Prof. Yoram Lass | Former Director General of the Ministry of Health
The Plight of the Small Businesses
Uriel Lynn | President of the Chambers of Commerce
Fighting Covid-19: An Update from the Front
Prof. Eyal Leshem | Sheba Hospital
The Jerusalem Foundation’s Emergency Support for Vulnerable Populations
Shai Doron | President of the Jerusalem Foundation, Ruth Diskin | Director of Projects Dept, Mira Mahfouz | Director of E. Jerusalem
We have Homemade, Handy and Cheap Testing Kits. Why not Use Them?
Prof. Naomi Habib | Hebrew University's Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Science
It's About Decision-making, not Management
Jacob Nagel | Former Head of Israel's National Security Council
Investing in the Israeli Race for the Vaccine
Jon Medved | Founder and CEO of OurCrowd, the world's largest crowdfunding venture investment platform, based in Jerusalem.
The Regional Strategic Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis
Col. Miri Eisin, IDF (Ret.) | Former Intelligence Officer and Press Advisor to the Prime Minister
Israeli Arabs, Ramadan and the Coronavirus
Dr. Thabet Abu Ras | Co-Executive Director of the Abraham Initiatives
The Supreme Court and the Formation of the Government: Two Opposing Opinions
Gadi Taub | School of Public Policy and the Department of Communications at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Supreme Court and the Formation of the Government: Two Opposing Opinions
Dr. Shikma Schwartzman Bresler | Weizmann Institute, Founder of the Black Flags Protest Movement
The Supreme Court and the Formation of the Government
Dana Weiss | Political Commentator, Channel 12
Israel's Democracy is in Danger
Orly Bar-Lev | Journalist and Political Activist
Only the People will Decide
Talia Einhorn | Professor of Law at Ariel University
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Since Israel will still be at the center of attention for the world press even after the COVID-19 crisis has passed, we believe that it is especially important now to develop and enhance our relationship with the journalists who will be also be covering Israel in the future.

Please continue to follow our activities on our website and social media and assist us in continuing this important work for Israel at this crucial time.

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