Orly Barlev, Freelance Journalist- a determined and courageous one-woman operation. She has become a source of information for tens of thousands of Israelis over the past year.

Gur Megiddo, Journalist, The Marker. Produced a series of investigative articles focusing on an Israeli billionaire active in the Congo and a dubious network of businesspeople, while facing threats of libel and lawsuits.

Suha Arraf, “Local Conversation” (“Sicha Mekomit” website). One of the first to identify the violence rising in Arab society both in general and particularly against women. Her series of articles formed the foundation for the media wave on the issue that followed.

Israel Fry, Journalist and Commentator, DemocraTV.  A stand out in the past year for his series of exclusive and courageous stories.
Sharon Sporer, Journalist in the hottest place in hell. Sporer undertakes courageous journalism that does not succumb to pressure and threats and has been at the forefront of some of the most important journalistic investigations this year.
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