The Jerusalem Press Club Technical Communication Services

***Club Technical Services are still under construction***

Check our facilities page for operations currently available to Club members.

Premium Data Services

  • Symmetrical Broadband internet Access & Connectivity up to 40 Mbps.
  • Outstanding network performance level through private international peers
  • Premium Wi-Fi coverage and availability supporting N Standards
  • Public work station including FTP client and HTTP usage
  • Convenient desk space positions for working and editing.
  • Onsite professional support

Daytime Broadcast @JPC

Professional Broadcast Services

  • SD/HD live stand up position
  • All facility elements (lighting, HD/SD Camera, Field MIC, IFB, Camera crew)
  • Fiber connectivity to MCRs.
  • Optional Uplink connectivity Incl/Excl space.
  • Spectacular live background shot of famed Walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Nighttime Broadcast @JPC