The Jerusalem Press Club hosts briefings for the Press with prominent Israeli and global officials. These briefings focus on political, security and civil events, and are attended by local representatives of the Media outlets.

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The Press Club is hosting briefings for the press with Israeli and global officials. These briefings focus on political, security and civil events, and are joined by local representatives of the media.


Press Briefing with Deputy Director General of the Communications Ministry, Elad Malka

July 13, 2023

Malka spoke about the challenges in the media market and the ministry's plan for a reform.


Press Briefing with Deputy Foreign Minister, Idan Roll

July 11, 2022

The Deputy Foreign Minister briefed several journalists in our lounge about the upcoming visit of President Joe Biden in Israel, and voiced the government's opinion about negotiations with Iran.

Press Briefing with senior Members of the European Parliament

June 16, 2022

JPC hosted a Press Briefing for members of The European Parliament's S&D Group, as part of a EU delegation to Israel.

Briefing with CEO of the Energy Ministry

May 29, 2022

Lior Schillat hosted journalists from the Bloomberg News Agency at his Jerusalem office for a talk about Israel's energy goals, gas production and future plans for the local innovations.

Minister of Intelligence hosts an open discussion with the press

May 10, 2022

Elazar Stern invited members of the Press to his office in Tel Aviv, and spoke about about geo-political and security issues. The conversation, held in Hebrew, also included a lengthy Q&A session.

Iran Negotiation Project

March 1, 2022

Five leading Israeli experts on Iranian nuclear activity, each with substantial background in Defense, offered their analysis of the negotiations with Iran on a nuclear agreement.


Welcoming the new Deputy Foreign Minister

November 1, 2021

JPC held a special Press Briefing with Idan Roll, the new Deputy Foreign Minister of the State of Israel. The briefing addressed Israel's current foreign policy challenges and opportunities, as well as domestic political developments.

Press Briefing with the Institute for National Security Studies

April 9, 2021

JPC teamed up with the prestigious INSS Research Institute in Tel Aviv to discuss the findings of its latest major project: "The Next War in the North".

Israel Votes 2021: Elections' day briefing with the Governmental Press Office (GPO)

March 23, 2021

Some of the country's most renowned political experts joined us on Elections Day for an analysis of the probable outcome of the voters' choice.
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