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Israel is on the frontlines of the climate challenge.

There are nearly 700 climate tech startups in Israel with 10 selected to represent Israel in COP27 as part of the Israeli climate tech delegation.

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

Israelis are experts in DesertTech

Thanks to the Abraham Accords, Israelis are actively helping Middle East countries through the #NegevForum, that was established for regional cooperation.

Photo Credit: Michael Vainshteinh

 Israel is also home to the Arava Institute, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, and many more independent organizations.

Israeli Climate Innovations Press Tour

The Jerusalem Press Club is pleased to invite journalists focusing on climate change technology, innovations, and solutions to participate in an exclusive field tour of the unique Israeli eco-system next month. A select number of United States-based reporters will receive a scholarship to attend, covering flights and accommodation. See details below.

Photo Credit: Boaz Rabinovich

February 16, 2023

The full-day activity will conclude the highly-anticipated Our Crowd Global Investor Summit taking place in Israel between February 14-15, 2023, one of the premier events in the tech industry, and the largest investor event in the Middle East. This year’s agenda is packed with speakers from Israel’s most innovative climate-saving Food, Agriculture, Water, and Energy-Saving Tech companies. 

Click here to learn more about the Summit.

FU L L    S C H E D U L E 


February 14 |  OurCrowd Tech Tour, countrywide

February 15 |  Our Crowd Global Investor Summit, Jerusalem

February 16 |  JPC Climate-Solution Tour, countrywide

Daily itineraries to follow.

JPC is delighted to invite journalists to apply to come to Israel and get unprecedented access to innovators, insights and breakthroughs that can help save people and our planet.

Partial funding for the initiative comes from the Mizrahi Family Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of Vanguard. “There is very little time to solve the climate crisis, and it’s vital for journalists to be able to report on potential breakthroughs that can truly deliver positive results,” says Co-Founder Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi.

Journalists flying in for the tour will be provided support throughout the Summit, including entrance to the full press room onsite, prepared materials, and access to high-profile participants for interviews and background. 


Deadline to submit applications: January 19, 2023

For queries regarding the JPC tour:
For queries regarding the OurCrowd Summit: leah@ourcrowd.com 

The Jerusalem Press Club is the go-to place for foreign press based in Israel and for visiting journalists, aspiring to present the spectrum of issues, speakers, voices and places that Israel has to offer.
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