Members of One Homeland, Two States movement spoke at JPC on Thursday, April 6th, about “New Horizons for Peace between Israelis and Palestinians”.
Dr. Yael Berda, assistant professor at the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the Hebrew University, Nasri Barghouti, a Palestinian businessman and Eliaz Cohen, a settler and editor of “Mashiv Haruach” journal of poetry, spoke about their vision of two states in the pre-67 borders, under a confederative arrangement. The movement held already more than 400 meetings, and

according to the panelists, participants welcomed the introduction of hope into the otherwise grim political atmosphere. Meiron rappoport, a former journalists who masterminded the idea, joined the panelists and admitted that while not all the details of the solution have been formalized, it is the gaining of mutual trust that matters.