Special Tour to The National Library in Givat Ram, Jerusalem

Special Tour to The National Library in Givat Ram, Jerusalem

On Wednesday, January 21 – 2015, members of JPC visited the National Library, and heard from Chairman David Bloomberg about the vision for the new library, scheduled to move to its new site, next to the Knesset, where it will become more accessible for the public. The tour was guided by  Dr. Aviad Stolman, head of collection Division at the National Library.
Here, JPC members examine a a ten century bible from Damascus.

National Library1

The Jewish National and University Library was established in Jerusalem in 1892. Over the years it accumulated both ancient and new works pertaining to Jewish intellectual heritage, as well as books published in various parts of the Jewish world. When the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was established in 1925, the Library was officially named “The Jewish National and University Library” and the scope of the collections was greatly expanded.

Until 1948, the Library was located on the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. After the War of Independence, the Library was relocated several times within Jerusalem until it moved to its current location on the Givat Ram Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in November, 1960.
In July 2008, subsequent to the enactment of the National Library Law of 2007, the Library was renamed “The National Library of Israel”. In 2012, the National Library will celebrate its 120th anniversary. In keeping with its dynamic history, the Library continues to change and evolve. The Master Plan for Renewal 2010-2016 includes construction of a new home for the Library in Jerusalem’s national precinct (Kiryat HaLeom).

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