Eman Safady

Eman Safady

Press Liason

Eman Safady, the first Druze woman to serve at the IDF Radio (Galatz), holds a BA in Communications and Journalism, and a master’s degree in National Security Maritime Strategy from the University of Haifa. An expert in the Lebanon-Israel maritime agreement, Israel’s gas agreements with Arab countries, and the Palestine-Gaza marine gas field, she possesses extensive knowledge of Middle Eastern politics, economics, and culture, with a focus on Saudi Arabia and the UAE. With over 15 years of deep journalistic experience, she has worked in various fields, including political communications, investigative reporting, and production of television and radio programs. A lecturer in political communication, Israeli politics, and the Arab world, she is fluent in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, with a profound understanding of Israeli society. She is a member of the Devorah Forum, a non-partisan, non-profit NGO with an active network of professional women in an array of fields relating to Israel’s national security and foreign policy. She enjoys creating connections and collaborations, empowering and supporting young women, and her hobbies include running, cooking, yoga, and fitness.

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