“Following the UN General Assembly and the Rise of Terror – What Now?” with Amb. Daniel Shekand and Oded Revivi, Mayor of Efrat

“Following the UN General Assembly and the Rise of Terror – What Now?” with Amb. Daniel Shekand and Oded Revivi, Mayor of Efrat

Daniel Shek, former Israeli Ambassador in Paris and Member of IPI (Israeli Peace Initiative) and Oded Revivi, Esq., Mayor of Efrat, debated at the JPC over the topic of “After the UN Exchange and the Current Wave of Terror: What Now?”
Amb. Shek said that the appearances at the UN General Assembly were shows of frustration by both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbas- because the world lost interest in the Palestinians, and Netanyahu – because it was no more than a speech. Amb. Shek said that for Netanyahu, keeping the status quo is the most important – perhaps the only- strategy, except that the Middle East doesn’t tolerate status quos. Mr. Revivi argued that Mr. Netanyahu is trying to manage the conflict, because there is no credible Palestinian partner who would be willing to recognize the Jewish state.



About the Speakers:
Ambassador Daniel Shek, A veteran of Israel’s diplomatic service, served as Ambassador to France. During his 27 year long career he also served as Director of European Affairs, Spokesman of the Foreign Ministry and Consul General in San Francisco. He has extensive experience in European Affairs and has participated in a number of chapters of Arab-Israeli negotiations.
Ambassador Shek has for many years taken part in devising media strategies for the Foreign Ministry and is considered an expert on public diplomacy. He continues to be a frequent guest on media outlets worldwide. He is a strong believer in “soft power” and people to people processes and has throughout his career devoted special attention to projects in the areas of commerce, R&D and culture.
A close associate of Israel’s former Minister of Justice and former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Ambassador Shek is co-founder of her HATNUA party and has accompanied her recent election campaign.

Oded Revivi, Esq., was elected Mayor of Efrat on November 11, 2008. Born on January 31, 1969, Oded has been an Efrat resident since 1994. He is married to Lisa and is the father of six. A practicing attorney before assuming the position of Mayor, Oded provided voluntary legal assistance to the needy in various frameworks, including non-profit public organizations, as well as the special lawyer’s association project “acts of kindness”. Throughout the years of his residency in Efrat, Oded has contributed to the community by serving on the municipal security committee, assisted in establishing synagogues in the Dekel and Zayit neighborhoods and was involved in the deliberations and efforts in improving the route of the separation fence for the benefit of Efrat’s residents.
Until recently, Oded has been a Lieutenant Colonel (Reserves) in the Armored Corps, and has served dozens of days a year of reserve duty.
Under his leadership and command, his tank regiment received the President’s prize for excellence.
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