Israel is entering a new phase in the political arena, as we expect a new round of elections, a bit more than a year after the formation of the new union government, headed by Naftali Bennett.
What might happen now, and where are we heading? The Jerusalem Press Club spoke with several experts and journalists to understand what might happen next.

Daphna Liel

senior political analyst and Anchor at Channel 12 News

June 22, 2022
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“This time it’s still different because Netanyahu’s supporters already saw that there is an option that another government will be formed – and if another government won’t be formed, Lapid will stay Prime Minister.”
“Obviously, we are already in elections, and right now one of the sides is trying to prevent Netanyahu from forming a government after the elections. It seems very unlikely.”

Prof. Gideon Rahat

Political Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Senior Fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute

June 21, 2022
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“We have to remember that this is the longest tenure [of a government] after the previous three elections. So we can say that this is not a success story, for sure, but in these terms, when we have so many elections – it is also not a failure.”
“As long as Netanyahu is here, the cards will be reshuffled again and again. If Netanyahu won’t be here, we will have probably a stable right-wing government, because the Right has the majority in the Knesset.”

Tal Schneider

Diplomatic and Political Correspondent, Times of Israel

June 8, 2022
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“So they have a direct political interest in maintaining the coalition, but the… biggest question is whether they can do it or not – because it seems like every day now there is another crisis.”
“Yesterday we saw problems from both sides. We have Idit Silman from the Bennett block, and we have [Ghaida Rinawie] Zoabi and [Mazen] Ghnaim from the Lapid block.”

Dr. Ilana Shpaizman

lecturer in the Dept. of Political Studies, Bar Ilan University

June 8, 2022
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“I don’t see anyone who can gain from it, because under the polls, and also under the four election cycles that we just had, no one is able to come up with a coalition or with a solution to the crisis.”
“Parties coming from the Arab minority or the Israeli Left, which is Meretz and Labour, they will probably won’t be in power for a long time from now. So in order to survive, they have to make more concessions, and this is very difficult for them.”