Our International Partners

The Jerusalem Press Club is a proud member of

the European Press Clubs Federation and of the International Association of Press Clubs

Members of the JPC enjoy reciprocal benefits in the Press Clubs that are listed here

European Press Clubs Federation

The European Press Clubs Federation is a European institution aimed at reaching representation throughout Europe.

Objectives of the EPCF are creating a platform for sharing information with the various state institutions throughout Europe, developing relationships among European journalists and facilitating them to the information exchange.

International Association of Press Clubs

The International Association of Press Clubs is a global institution and aims to encompass the world by increasing its membership to represent all the continents. The association was constituted in Dubai on 6th January 2002.

Objectives of the IAPC include broadening the services and mutual advantages between IAPC members and developing and facilitating information exchange with political, economic, social and cultural institutions. It aims to achieve that by setting up links with other Press Clubs and International Press Centers particularly via the Internet.

The permanent General Secretariat of the IAPC is based in Warsaw, Poland (Press Club Polska).