Meet and Greet with the Author of “Tiny Dynamo”

Meet and Greet with the Author of “Tiny Dynamo”

On Wednesday, July 3, 2013, The Jerusalem Press Club proudly hosted Marcella Rosen, author of The book Tiny Dynamo: “How One of the Worlds Smallest Countries is Producing Some of Our Most Important Inventions” published in the U.S. by Untold News.

Tiny Dynamo

Marcella introduced some of the inventors in her book who presented to our members the concept behind each of their inventions. Marcella Rosen wrote Tiny Dynamo to further the mission of Untold News, the nonprofit she founded in 2010 to raise awareness of the innovative and life-altering work happening in Israel; humanitarian acts and inventions that are changing the world for the better. For the full gallery visit our Flickr page:

About The Inventors

Hezi Himmelfarb is the CEO of IceCure Medical, a Caesarea-based company that has made removing benign breast tumors into a quick, easy, and painless procedure for the first time in history.

Alon Bodner is the inventor of “Like-A-Fish”, an underwater breathing apparatus that could potentially allow people to stay underwater indefinitely.

Aharon Gedanken aims to dramatically reduce infection rates in hospitals with his breakthrough:  a technology for treating hospital fabrics with an anti-bacterial coating that won’t wash off.

Daphna Nissenbaum hopes to replace plastic and eradicate tons of environmentally harmful waste with her invention:  100-percent biodegradable food packaging materials.

The Author:  Marcella Rosen was so impressed with the stories and advancements coming out of Israel that, in 2010, she founded Untold News (, a non-profit organization dedicated to informing Americans about the positive, non-political aspects of the Middle East and Israel.  Previously Marcella was an Executive Vice President of NW Ayer, a top advertising agency in the US.

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