Terror Wave Project - March 2022

Deadly terror attacks have hit Israeli cities in recent weeks, with ISIS-inspired assailants and terrorists affiliated with Palestinian terror organizations stabbing and shooting random passersby as well as security forces at the scene, killing 11 as of March 30.

The Jerusalem Press Club spoke with leading Israeli experts about these developments, in an attempt to understand the context of these attacks, and to try to anticipate further incidents.

Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon

May 9, 2022

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“Yes, we are in a sensitive situation, but I don’t believe that our interests in Syria are going to be affected. I am not sure it will be contradictory if we will be more critical to Russian policy in Ukraine. Morally, we should be on the right side of history”
“Sinwar is a ticking bomb. He meets all the criteria for targeted elimination. Sometimes this act has been beneficial, and sometimes it hasn’t. this is a dilemma the government faces, and I believe they will make the right decision”

Avi Melamed

May 6, 2022

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“We have been to a much worse situation, just reminding you the phenomenon of suicide bombers, so unfortunately we have been to this place, we are in this place, and we probably will continue to be from time to time in this place”.

“We should always try to understand how the minds of the leaders of the Palestinians, and particularly in Gaza, is working, in order to basically be able to avoid and not be going to niches that they would like to put us in.”

Dr. Kobi Michael

March 30, 2022

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We have to take into consideration and to understand that we are going to continue dealing with terror attacks against the state of Israel from all the fronts, because there are still many Palestinians who believe that Israel should not exist here

While Hamas keep calm in the Gaza Strip, they are working pretty hard to build their terror capacities in the West Bank, in order to escalate the situation in east Jerusalem, in order to widen the channels vis-à-vis the Arab citizens of the state of Israel, and building some military capacities, terror capacities, in South Lebanon.

Dr. Dina Lisnyansky

March 23, 2022

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“The Bedouins community [sic] is mostly against terror attacks, but there is a connection to the fact that the Bedouins community [sic], especially in the South, has been mostly under the impression that anarchy and criminal society is maybe a better choice for them for now.

We need to be more aware of this, especially when not only Ramadan is coming, but also Passover, which is a Jewish holiday that is always prone to be a time for more Palestinian attacks, especially from Hamas-incited individuals.”

Lt. Col. (res.) Maurice Hircsh

March 22, 2022

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“Israel’s legal system deals a lot with terrorism…the judges have shown time after time after time that they are far too lenient. Yesterday’s murderer had been previously convicted for membership in ISIS and for the desire to leave Israel and join the ISIS forces and to kill infidels.”

There is an element within terrorism of ‘copycat attacks,’ of once you see that one attack has already succeeded, there have already been victims, there have already been people who are being killed – then there is a tendency for other terrorists who have possibly thought about that idea to then go follow and mimic those attacks.

Sima Shine

Head of Iran Program, Institute For National Security Studies; former Head of the Research & Evaluation Division of the Mossad

“When you look at the current bad situation, this agreement – which isn’t a good agreement – is better than no agreement at all.”

Israeli options might be limited. One must think that Israel would need to think twice before it conducts any preventative activity in Iran and against the Nuclear Program. I guess there will be further considerations that didn’t exist before the agreement.”

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