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Talia Dekel Fleissig

Talia Dekel Fleissig

Talia Dekel Fleissig is the VP of Content at JPC, in charge of leading the Club’s strategy for its activities vis-à-vis the foreign press covering Israel.

Previously, she was head of International Press & a Senior Fellow at The Israel Project, working closely with international media outlets reporting about the region, and producing materials for the organization’s various audiences. She has worked for several Israeli and American NGOs, including influential think tanks and non-profits dealing with Jewish leadership.

Talia also worked as an editor for The Jerusalem Post and was an officer in the IDF’s Liaison & Foreign Relations Division. She holds an MA in Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Political Science and Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She made Aliyah from New Zealand in 2003.

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