The U.S. and Iran: Which School of Thought Will Prevail? With Amb. Dore Gold

The U.S. and Iran: Which School of Thought Will Prevail? With Amb. Dore Gold

On March 31 – 2015, Ambassador Dore Gold, President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, former Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, and advisor to Prime Ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon, spoke to members of JPC about the impending deal with Iran. Amb. Gold reviewed Iran’s traditional deception tactics vis-a-vis the West, and wondered how can a deal end after 10 or 15 years, allowing the Iranians to resume their nuclear program more vigorously.



Amb.GoldAmbassador Dore Gold is President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He was the eleventh Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (1997-1999). In January 2014, he was appointed as an external advisor on international issues to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During Prime Minister Netanyahu’s first term, and in the capacity of foreign policy advisor, Amb. Gold served as an envoy to the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf States. Ambassador Gold also served as an advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
Ambassador Gold was a member of the Israeli delegation at the Wye River negotiations between Israel and the PLO outside of Washington. He negotiated the Note for the Record, which supplemented the 1997 Hebron Protocol and in 1999 concluded the negotiations with the U.S., Lebanon, Syria and France for the creation of the Monitoring Group for Southern Lebanon. In 1991, he served as an advisor to the Israeli delegation to the Madrid Peace Conference. From 1985 to 1996, he was a senior research associate at the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University, where he was Director of the U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy Project. Dr. Gold received his BA (’75), MA (’76) and Ph.D. (’84) from Columbia University, where he specialized in the Middle East and in international law.
Ambassador Gold has written books and articles on the Middle East, including The Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Tehran Defies the West (Regnery, 2009), The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City (Regnery, 2007), Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos (2004), Hatred’s Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism (Regnery, 2003), and U.S. Military Strategy in the Middle East (Tel Aviv: Ministry of Defense Publications, 1993). His articles have appeared in Asahi Shinbun, Commentary, Daily Telegraph, Die Zeit, Ha’aretz, Jerusalem Post, New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.
He lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Ofra, and their children.

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