Vanessa Kacherginsky

Vanessa Kacherginsky

Deputy Director General

Vanessa is the Deputy Director General of the Jerusalem Press Club (JPC). Her roles include leading special missions, running the Freedom of the Press conference and managing the team. Vanessa is also in charge of developing collaborations between JPC and NGOs, international organizations, Israeli corporations, the Israeli government, the hi-tech industry and more.

Vanessa received an M.A. in East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on China, and a B.A. in International Relations and East Asian Studies. Before joining JPC, Vanessa worked at the Knesset visitors center, exposing the public to various aspects of the Knesset including parliamentary activity, relations between the government and the Knesset and architectural design.

During her IDF military service, Vanessa served in the prestigious 8200 intelligence unit. She subsequently continued her work with the IDF in France as Project Manager of UPI SAREL (which markets voluntary programs for the IDF), before spending a year teaching Hebrew at an Ulpan in Paris.

Vanessa is fluent in Hebrew, English and French and has intermediate proficiency in Chinese.


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